No leads no views for 3 months


We've lost our thumbtack leads completely in April. Literally zero leads within 3 months. We've tried to increase Max lead price, lower service fee, set up weekly budget with no limits etc. The best account in the area is showing at the last positions and is not getting any leads comparing to full time busyness previously. Anyone know what is going on?


  • Jade
    Jade Posts: 1

    I'm in the same boat last month I can barely breathe I had so much work I barely even took a day off this month nothing and still paying for the leads though I don't get it

  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 155

    I find after being on Thumbtack for almost a year that there is a cycle that us as pros get put through. I find that maybe they’re only presenting certain pros to certain clients who are looking for certain things but it’s hard to verify, but it does seem to come in waves and not a consistent basis.