[CLOSED] JULY CONTEST: Summer plans and projects?

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It's hot outside, but we know how to stay cool with these Thumbtack sunglasses and hat.

As business owners, you wear a lot of different hats (and you're also pretty cool).

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work - and we know it's important to take time away from work if possible - even if it's only for a few moments.

Comment below and let us know what you plan to do to stay cool and take care of you this summer - could be a project around the house or yard, a trip, a staycation, a day at the pool or if you're like me - even a good binge watch can recharge the batteries.

We'll pick one winner from the comments to receive this set - and a yeti mug to keep your summer beverages cold.


  • PomeranzLaw
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    Nothing beats a day at the pool or on a boat. Living in Florida has its perks!

  • Mage
    Mage Posts: 104

    This summer I hope to have time to actually GO to the beach and use at least ONE day off for my partner and me! 😆 He has different days off than me, and sadly his days off are my busiest work days. So…August…here we come (if only it could come sooner 😂). 🏖 🎉

  • I have family coming to Florida from NYC to visit myself and my girlfriend/partner. We haven’t seen our family in about 3 years and are very excited to see them. We plan on going to Universal Orlando and Clearwater beach for about 5 days. Mini vacation here we go! Cant wait to see the family and show them around FL.

  • Having all my family pack up and choose a random town to road trip to for this summer's vacation. Just throw darts at the map and see where we all land. 🗺️

    Hoping we land somewhere close to the water and somewhere we haven't been yet!

    It's gonna be an exciting adventure.😁🏖️

  • renee_dnwy
    renee_dnwy Posts: 14

    How do I enter and begin an introduction?

    Renee's Mobile Notary and Weddings💯

  • DustiO
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    @renee_dnwy Love this pic! You are entered in the contest just by commenting here in this thread. If you want to start another conversation/post simply click on the "new discussion" button on the right side of your screen. Thanks!

  • renee_dnwy
    renee_dnwy Posts: 14

    Ok, summer plans...it's all about family this summer. I've flown to visit in Kansas City, Driven to visit in the panhandle, had visitors and expect even more over the next month. Making up for last year!

  • laolga
    laolga Posts: 4

    Jumping from 14.5k feet!

  • renee_dnwy
    renee_dnwy Posts: 14

    What an amazing picture and I'm sure an amazing experience!

  • renee_dnwy
    renee_dnwy Posts: 14

    I should have added a photo! Salt Springs, Florida day fun with family was wonderful

  • DustiO
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    I honestly enjoyed seeing these posts SO MUCH! Thank you to everyone who participated. Our randomly selected winner is @laolga! If you can DM me I will get your address and send you your swag!

    I'll be posting the August contest today, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

    Enjoy all of these summer plans, they all look and sound so great!