I'd like to talk about this. I am a notary - as are many others - it is a simple thing for Thumbtack - but I find that I get hired maybe half the time - because THUMBTACK will ENCOURAGE clients to contact MORE THAN ONE PRO. I respond FAST to Thumbtack and straight to their texts.

This just doesn't seem right to me - If there was a way I could pay for more leads at once and get a discount, I might consider it.......but the direct targeting system doesn't seem to work in anyone's favor except for Thumbtack's. I think we should all have the opportunities and be shown based on our response time, etc.......but we should only pay if we get hired.


  • Chavez
    Chavez Posts: 1

    I'd like to add that the option for the customer to select "allow pro to suggest other dates" doesn't expand the opportunities to get hired. When a customer is looking for a service, it's for as soon as today or tomorrow. The "other dates" thing definitely let's Thumbtack off the hook more often when the customer wants a job done and the dates they picked are the dates you're unavailable, but they also clicked the "let the pro suggest.." button. It hurts the trust I had in them as a company.