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As some of you know, before joining the Thumbtack team I was a business owner for over a decade (I had a wedding cake & confection company) and much of that time was spent as a Top Pro on Thumbtack.

I supported my young family during years when my partner was unable to work due to illness and through many other ups and downs. So, I feel deeply all of the struggles and successes that you all share here. I wanted to start a thread to help spread some of your tips for success, or your most important learnings as a business owner on Thumbtack. Here are some of mine:

  1. Value your time and expertise — don't be afraid to charge the prices that you feel your time is worth. Remember that you have talents and expertise that not everyone possesses!
  2. Not every customer is the right fit — sometimes we get a bad vibe or just feel the customer would be difficult, and it's ok to decide not to do the job. Setting boundaries is important.
  3. Always remain positive and professional — even if you don't win the job (or decide it isn't a good fit), keep the conversation professional and leave the customer with a positive note. You never know if they might come back, or may refer you to a friend or family member.
  4. Don't be afraid to pivot — sometimes things don't go the way we thought, and that's ok! Don't be afraid to change course, try new things, and branch out.
  5. Showcase your workpictures, pictures, pictures! Customers want to see pictures of your work.
  6. Ask for reviews — don't be shy when it comes to asking for reviews. Be sure to send your review link to past customers (you can have up to 10 reviews from outside Thumbtack), ask for reviews immediately after completing the job, and set up a review request reminder through the Thumbtack app.
  7. Respond to reviews — speaking of reviews, be sure to respond to reviews on your Thumbtack profile. This allows customers to see the way you interact with your clients. Especially be sure to respond to negative reviews (in a professional manner).
  8. Lean into your strengths — instead of trying to make your weak spots stronger, lean into your strong areas. For example, I am strong at building relationships, but terrible at analytics. I spent the longest time trying to be a "numbers" person, because I thought that's what a business owner needed to do. I learned that it was a losing battle. Instead, I decided to focus on what I was naturally good at - building relationships, building trust with clients, and ensuring they had a good experience and that grew my business more than anything.

I'm tagging in our Thumbtack Pro Advisors to see if they'll add their tips for success, and would invite everyone in the Community to drop your own tips, or your questions for our more seasoned pros in the comments. @Alex_Tsymbal @Amery @ShaquealThomas @busyb @BrittneyNicole160 @keddingfield and some of our other seasoned pros from the Community @AR2i @Theresa @PomeranzLaw @Mage @Matt @soonerkimmy @Lemargriffinfilms @Stat


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    Another huge one, don't be afraid to be persistent! I have had a lot of "we aren't ready" conversations, and I put it in my calendar to reach out in a month, and if they say the same thing I repeat until I get a yes or no. This allows you to build up a relationship, and also if most pros are not doing the same thing, you may be the only one left for them to count on!

    Sometimes life happens, and people get ahead of themselves (especially for house projects) and reach out very early, so I try and not be discouraged that the job doesn't come right away!

    Piggy backing on what @DustiO said - I represent myself the same if I get the job or not. If a client doesn't have the budget to afford me, I try and educate them on what to look for and what my the mural industry typically costs, and what hurdles they may encounter. I had a client reach back out after they couldn't afford me, and agreed to my rate since I was so helpful!

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    One tip I have is don't give up! Weather the storm. Recessions, inflations, pandemics, and more can happen. As long as you believe in yourself and your business mission, you will have a strong sailing! ⛵️

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    Today has been so hectic, I've been meaning to get in here ALL day to say THANK YOU For sharing @Matt and @Mage!!

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    Great tips @DustiO , @Matt , @Mage ! I agree and do the same things.

    Not everyone looking for a pro keeps the Thumbtack app open. So don't just communicate through the app. Like @Matt said, be persistent. Use their phone number!!!! Don't be afraid to text or call them multiple times.

    I choose to communicate via text because I feel most people are probably reaching out to me while they are at work and cannot take a call, but could respond via text.

    What I do is respond through the app, wait an appropriate period of time (minutes to hours), and then text them saying: "Hey Dusti, It's Laura with AR2i Business Solutions. You reached out to me on Thumbtack earlier today and I have not heard back from you. Are you still needing help with your taxes? I would love to set up a time to talk about your situation to see how I can help. Please let me know your availability this week" I get a text response almost immediately. They usually apologize for not seeing my Thumbtack response and I get a consultation booked.

    Now, if I don't get a response from the first text, I wait a few days and text them again with: "Hey Dusti, It's Laura with AR2i Business Solutions, again. I am still available to help you with your taxes. I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your needs so we can get started. When would be a good time to chat?" This one usually works if they did not get the first text.

    Still no response, I text again in a few more days with: "Hey Dusti, I've tried multiple times to get in touch with you and I hate to keep bugging you. If or when you'd like help filing your taxes, let me know. For now, I'm closing your request for help with me on Thumbtack. You can still get in touch with me at (925) 967-2724 and I wish you the best!" If they have not responded prior, they usually respond to this one. The consistent responses at this point have been either: "Oh my! I thought I responded to you. Are you available today at 2 p.m.?" OR "I already used someone else on Thumbtack but I was not happy with them. I will definitely use you next time." This person is on my follow-up list to make sure I land them next year!

    If they respond that they found someone else, I respond positively using emojis and say: "That's great! I'm glad you found someone to help you this year. If anything changes, please do not hesitate to reach out to me." Leaving them with a positive experience helps ALL pros!

    I also copy all of these text messages into the Thumbtack messages. This way they are getting the message from me both ways, and it works great as a reminder for myself moving forward.

    Not everyone will respond - ever! As pros, we need to do our due diligence to land the job. And if we do get the job, we need to change the lead status so other pros contacted know that the job was given to someone else. Also, change it if you were not hired. The status helps everyone know what is going on.

    ***Please feel free to use my texting scripts. Make changes accordingly to reflect your personality. I hope they will help you land more jobs!


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    @AR2i thanks so much for this suggestion!! Very helpful.


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    Responding quickly to customer requests is crucial for small businesses as it enhances customer satisfaction, builds trust, and fosters loyalty. Timely and confident responses demonstrate professionalism and a customer-centric approach, which are vital for business growth and customer retention.

    1. Customer Satisfaction: Prompt responses show customers that their concerns are valued, leading to increased satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend the business to others.
    2. Building Trust: Quick and confident responses build trust between the business and its customers. Trust is the foundation of a strong customer-business relationship and encourages customers to rely on the business for their needs.
    3. Competitive Advantage: In a competitive market, businesses that respond swiftly and confidently stand out. Customers are more likely to choose a business that provides efficient solutions and addresses their needs promptly, giving the business an edge over its competitors.
    4. Problem Resolution: Rapid responses enable businesses to address customer issues promptly, preventing escalation. Efficient problem resolution showcases the business's dedication to customer satisfaction, turning potentially negative situations into positive experiences.
    5. Positive Reputation: Consistent quick responses contribute to a positive online reputation. Satisfied customers often leave positive reviews, and when potential customers see these testimonials, they are more inclined to trust and engage with the business, leading to increased sales and growth opportunities.

    Communication is key, but it should never be difficult on the part of the customer.

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    Thank you so much @Stat! Hope you are doing well, always so happy when I see your face in the Community!

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    Bumping this post up for visibility, so many great tips here! Thanks again, all!