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Hello. Im pokk ok ing for someone to help me. The Instant Booking feature is taking double and sometime triple the amount I used to be charged.

Most times I don’t make any money because it seems as tho I’m being over charged. And I can’t over charge my clients. What do I do?

it’s a major error. I know if someone from Thumbtack could see this they would say the same. It’s a glitch or error. I need help


  • DustiO
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    @DanteHawkinsc have you adjusted your max lead prices? If so, and you still have pricing feedback I would suggest emailing that feedback to to be sure it gets logged under your account/category.

    Teams are also focused on better aligning lead prices with job value, so that feedback is extremely helpful. Thanks!

  • Yes I have but it seems as if I lower them I won’t get leads. I think I have some of the lowest prices available. But I’m still ending up with jobs that I only make $10 or even nothing.

    The instant booking is charging way more than the regular booking. Why is that?

  • And thank you Dustio. I really appreciate your reply

  • DustiO
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    @DanteHawkinsc Bookings have a few special benefits, which is why the cost is higher:

    • You have less competition. Customers are narrowing things down and booked you directly on your calendar, so they're less likely to be talking to other pros.
    • You’re closer to landing the job. Say goodbye to the back-and-forth. You have time to meet up, and the customer's detailed contact info. In other words: everything you need to either win them over with your estimate or start the job.
    • Less hassle, less back-and-forth, and less time closing deals means more work getting done.

    That being said, what category are you in? The team is focused on better aligning pricing, but I am not sure what categories this will effect. I would suggest sending the pricing specific feedback to, and you can check back here in the Community for when we do have updates to share.

    I would also suggest you monitor how adjusting that max lead price helps/hinders your success.

  • Thanks again. Yes I agree with you in the benefits of instant booking but I think on my end there is an error. I don’t think I should even not make any money or only make a couple dollars. In all fairness yes prices should go up but it’s almost double or triple the price. So I will send my info to the email you sent. Something’s off.

  • Here’s a look. I only charge $45 for this job but ThumTack charged me $55. So I would make any money unless I charged the client $100.00. Can you see this?

    The customer canceled. 😞 I can’t over charge people. And I don’t think Thimtack means to charge me this much. So something is wrong

  • Joshua
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    You're not going to get help from Thumbtack, they are grabbing all the money they can on the backs of their customers... us.

  • Vlad
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    @DustiO Actually, it doesn't work as you designed initially.

    Usually, when customer makes instabooking he just wants to get an estimate, and doesn't have any intentions to meet you.

    So, how the process goes: he makes booking, pro pays 3 times for the lead, customer asks the question and decides to cancel the project.

    And the math for the pro is next.

    Before instabooking he paid for this lead 20$. Now he pays 60$. Convertion rate is almost same (40% for example). He charges the same amount from customers (for example 150$).

    Before instabooking Pro earned 400$ on 10 leads

    Now Pro earns 0$ on 10 leads.

  • DustiO
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    @Vlad Our teams are focused on improving the booking experience for both pros and customers. You can see some high-level updates in this post, but some things we are focused on in this area:

    • Giving customers a clearer path to message vs book, based on their needs and level of intent
    • Improving customer booking comprehension so that they better understand what a booking entails
    • Better aligning lead pricing with the job value

    Keep your eyes peeled for specific updates as improvements roll out. Also, if you haven't already I would recommend sending this feedback (re: your conversion rate/spend) to to be sure it's logged under your account and category. We're working on a suggestion box feature in the Community that will track feedback back to your account, but until then I want to make sure the feedback gets sent to support. Thank you!