Wedding photography discussion

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@Noble_Canon posted a really great discussion topic in the Wedding Photographers group that I wanted to highlight for the wedding industry pros in the Community. You can read the full post here, but he talks about how to handle large crowds, time management, and resource management while photographing a wedding. He has some great tips and I know the rest of you will have insightful thoughts on the topic too!

If you haven't already, join the group and start connecting with other wedding photographers!

Thanks @Noble_Canon for leading such an insightful group! @Ambar @Tal @GRPAI2021 @JasonBleecher @CaptJJ @laolga @aprilkelly86 @mrjvijay @ocrphotography @minimony @Kemo21 @Penguinmoonstudios @ChrisBowPhoto @photosbyguillaume @JTSantini @izzatf002 @AGPhotography @Danielle_Penn @marlonmoments @BrySlaughterMedia @Charles_Wunderlich add your thoughts too, if you'd like!