Lead Prices

Hey all,

I have been with Thumbtack for years and have even held Top Pro Badge status. Are there any other Pros out there that are shocked by the huge hike in lead prices? I used to pay $9.50 per lead for a service that I am charging $60 for. This was a roughly 16% commission for Thumbtack per lead that contacted me. Now the leads are costing $30+ dollars a piece EVEN if the client does not purchase a service. I only charge $60 for my services. Am I supposed to hike my charges up to $90 just to make up for what the leads are costing me on Thumbtack? What if then the customer still does not purchase? I am still charged that amount x clients. How am I supposed to offhand this new charge and still remain competitive in pricing? This is ridiculous. I raised my prices to $65 but if this keeps up, I do not think that I can afford to keep marketing through Thumbtack.


  • @Brian218 I agree with you that the lead prices have been getting higher. I know it doesn't seem like it's worth the price you pay up front. I remember when we used to have to bid against 10 other people . It was really tough back then. Everything has gone up alot in the past couple years including my prices.

    My bread-and-butter is customer retention. We don't have to pay for the customers that call us directly in the future. Keep building that organic customer base .