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  • DustiO
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    @PrimeConstruction_92 I want to clarify that Thumbtack does not "send" leads to customers. Please review here how leads work — if you are getting a lead it is because the customer has proactively chosen to reach out to you, and whatever other pros they want to reach out to after seeing their profiles. It is the customer's prerogative to communicate with more than one pro.

    I would ask that you please review our Community Code of Conduct and keep conversations constructive. The Community is a space designed to connect pros with one another to help share tips, tricks and ideas through shared experience. If you have feedback for Thumbtack please send it to support@thumback.com so that it can be properly logged and disseminated to the correct teams. Thanks.

  • IsaacLauhger

    I'm brand new to Thumbtack. I have a price of $58 to get this lead. I cannot see myself helping someone unload their U-haul for under $65 but the customer will see me charging them $123. I agree Brian218: Thumbtack, I appreciate what you do, but you are greedy. Greed is not good. Why so high on the leads?