Meet Thumbtack’s Premier Support Team.

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Thumbtack’s Premier Support Team is a group of highly skilled individuals with a passion for assisting pros in order to help them find the most success while using Thumbtack. While responding to calls and emails is the clear front runner on daily tasks for the team, many agents are involved in additional projects that focus on creating better experiences for our pros, and are the go to group when providing the best experience and education for our users.

Uriah leads the team and says, “I love working for Thumbtack because we get to partner with such an incredible and diverse community of service professionals to build and grow their businesses. It is great to work with so many others who share the same passion for providing a world-class experience.” Uriah loves baking, escaping to the mountains, and astrophotography. Over the last 5 years, she has been involved with a variety of initiatives here at Thumbtack and is excited to lead our Premier Support team.

Desirae loves working at Thumbtack because she loves the community and culture. She shares, "It's so great to help professionals reach their full potential and grow their businesses. Thumbtack has been such a great place to work and really takes care of their employees as well as their pros." She also loves to travel and bake! And is a big fan of Marvel and Disney. 

Cassandra says, “​​Thumbtack provides a great service to help people with an entrepreneurial spirit. I like being part of that. But what I really love is that Thumbtack actually cares about employees.”

Janae shares, “​​I like working at Thumbtack because each day I have the opportunity to make a difference in busy professionals' lives.” And, when she’s not doing that she enjoys meditating to rain sounds and binge-watching her favorite tv shows.

The Thumbtack community is amazing - I love being a part of a team with so many kind, fun, and supportive individuals,” gushes Christina who loves hiking through the mountains and exploring new places outdoors.

Stephanie says, "I like working at Thumbtack because they truly care for us. I also enjoy interacting with pros and hearing their stories about how they got started with their business. I greatly admire small businesses!" She enjoys baking pastries and taking care of her farm in her spare time.

Kimberly shares, "What I have loved most about working at Thumbtack are the pros! I love getting the pros on the line that talk about their success with Thumbtack, and are great to work with on their accounts. The best calls are at the end when they are so grateful for the help they have received. I love cooking, and using my Traeger! I host a lot of dinner events, and I always get requests for my smoked lasagna.

The thing that Tracy loves the most about working at Thumbtack is the culture!! This is not the typical call center experience. Everyone is engaged in chats and zoom meetings/activities. Every single person here is so nice. I have never felt nervous or scared to reach out to anyone to ask a question. Leadership is always ready to step in to help you learn and grow and is excited for you to advance and build your career. Thumbtack is AMAZING!!

“I enjoy working at Thumbtack because I believe the work we are doing helps business owners grow their companies,” shares Monica who likes being part of the Premier team and enjoys spending time with her family and her garden.

And last but not least Amanda says, “I love the day-to-day challenges that make my job exciting and worthwhile. I have never had a job that I feel constantly gives me the chance to better myself and to grow.” She describes herself as a goofy, spooky gal that loves plants, antique stores, and her snake babies. She’s been with Thumbtack for a year now.

Comment below to introduce yourselves and get to know the team - and let us know what burning questions you have!


  • How do I get in touch with a support person? One of my customers (dog owner) gave me a very very rough time after her dog bit my plumber. She called me a liar, among other things. And gave me a 1 star review. I want to discuss this with someone because she completely misunderstood the situation and judged me inaccurately.

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    @nancychef1 I am so sorry this happened. Your best course of action will be to email [email protected].com and they can route this concern to the team who handles this sort of stuff. Once you have sent the email let me know and I can follow up on your case.

  • Hello - I am in process of setting up an account on Thumbtack so I am brand new. Can you tell me if one can import reviews from Survey monkey?

  • DustiO
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    @ReggieReg6 Welcome to Thumbtack, so excited to have you here and really happy that you came to the Community with this question! Here is an article on how you can import/add reviews (currently not available for Survey Monkey, but you do have other options for getting reviews from past customers). Hopefully this helps!

  • Hi DustiO - It was sent! Thank you.

    Also I got an email about needing to submit my license. However, it did Not have an option in drop down box to submit license for my profession - therapist. So I had no way of submitting. please advise

  • DustiO
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    Hi @ReggieReg6 and great question! Here is an article that explains which licenses Thumbtack does verify, and what we suggest you do if we don't verify your type of license. Hope this helps!

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    So much personality shines forth in pictures. Great to to see you and to learn a little about you. Thanks for sharing 😍

  • Elle__38
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    Hey there Uriah--U r speaking my language...anything with ASTRO 💫 just 'beams me up' 😁. Thanks for sharing!

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    @Elle__38 We love hearing from you! Love sharing a similar fondness for the night sky! Keep up the great work!

  • DustiO
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    @Day I am so sorry to hear about your experience. 8 years on Thumbtack and dozens of 5-star reviews - so amazing! Someone from the team should be reaching out to you today or tomorrow. Feel free to send me a DM and let me know if you don't hear from someone. Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I’ve been using thumbtack for a few months now. I’ve spent more than I have made, and it’s getting very frustrating. I thought getting to gold and then to platinum will help, but I’ve got 0 gigs every since I hit gold and 0 since I hit platinum. I get charged for people contacting me outside my available days because they have the option “Let the pro suggest date” on, but they’re not going to change their wedding day because I’m available….

    All in all, it’s been very frustrating…. Not sure what to do, please help!

  • DustiO
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    Hi @BarghPhoto - first of all, congratulations on reaching Platinum status! I took a quick look and I do see several jobs that you were hired for (and received amazing reviews) in recent weeks. Are you referring to specific types of jobs that you haven't been hired for, like weddings? If so, I would suggest adding more wedding or event specific photos to your profile - and add some "Featured Projects" that are weddings or other events. That might help you get more of those types of jobs! But, let me know if that was what you were asking about - I can also see what other photographers we have in the Community and tag them in for advice! So let me know if you would like me to do that :)

  • For several months I have attempted to reach out and actually speak to a human being for assistance with your product my. For thaw most part I really like the product and it is cost effectiveBUT when I need answers to questions NEVEr get a phone CALL back from your staff. Chat rooms are to lengthy with the back and forth and waiting for answers I just t do not have the time as I am very busy. I do need help and need to talk with someone.

    prbkems to resolve

    1. need to be more accurate about areas I am interested.
    2. 2. Is there a way to have my Ipone give me a speacial sound alert when a client answers our add.
    3. need to understand how to adjust my price from time to time
    4. understand how to get more responses.
    5. I need a dedicated phone line to reach out to your staff when needed.
    6. thank you Robert
  • I love Thumbtack. I had an issue come up yesterday that has made me wonder if I should or should not continue with a direct lead. Yesterday I received a text message regarding some work. ( not through Thumbtack ) I answered it and decided to take the job. After connecting with this person, I noticed that I had a direct lead from Thumbtack. It was the same person. Of course since I clicked on the direct lead, I was charged for it. I am wondering how the client got my phone # to text me. I will need to go into my profile to see if they can view it. Probably so. Anyway, I am currently communicating through text with them. I hate ignoring Thumbtack, but no need for using it this time.

  • Hi, I am noticing that distance thumbtack calculates it is incorrect. I accepted one lead which I received from Clifton (07011). The distance from my location (07305) per google maps is anywhere between 22-25 miles however Thumbtack thinks its less 14 miles. Reason being I have tiered travel fee structure:

    5 miles or more - $5

    10 miles or more $10

    114 miles or more $15

    Based on the lead I received it showed the customer $10 which is based on 10 mile radius.

    can someone look into it. attaching some images.

  • Can anyone help me learn more about the review process and why it appears that 9 or more of our reviews were deleted overnight ?

    Would like to learn why this happened

  • yuri
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    I have two situations that need to be solved

    1.also on Monday I indicated in the schedule that I don’t have time, but I got leads direct and money was withdrawn

    2.the customer ordered me as a handyman, in the description he indicated that he needed the transportation of a heavy cabinet. They charge money from me. But I'm not a movers, I'm not engaged in transportation, I was denied despute

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    @Stahl_Robert Thank you for posting - so sorry about the delay - I was out for the holiday and then we have been at a team offsite.

    1. You are able to adjust your travel area either by radius, or by selecting specific areas/neighborhoods. You can see a step-by-step on how to do that here.
    2. This article will show you how to update the notifications you receive in the app.
    3. You can see how to adjust your prices here.
    4. As far as how to get more responses - can you clarify what you mean there? You could try posting in the Community to ask other pros for advice!
    5. To call us, please go to your Contact Us page (although many of us are out this week while we meet together as a team, so I am not sure what the wait times will be like, so keep that in mind if you call today)

    Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you need further assistance, and I want to remind you of our Help Center that will have answers to many of your questions - and, you can always call us or email us at [email protected]

    Thank you!

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    @guptalalit43 You can read more about how travel areas work here - keep in mind that travel radius is calculated "as the crow flies" with your business at the center of your radius and is not based on driving routes. So, you might want to adjust your travel rates based on that if possible... Hope this helps!

  • shouldn't be then based on actual driving routes? "as the crow flies" will give lot of inaccurate calculations plus if se select region based on distance then also it will act not correct.

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    @WilliamGrazione_2022 Have you reached out to [email protected]? They should be able to help you with this! Let me know if you reach out and then I can follow up with them, as unfortunately this is not something I can help with. Thank you!

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    @yuri I would also encourage you to reach out to [email protected] or to call our support teams through your Contact Us page - as a pro with Platinum status you will be routed to the front of the line and to our premier team. Many of us are out this week due to a team offsite - so you might have better luck if you reach out on Monday! Thank you!

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    How do I set max lead prices? Every time I try to click on anything related to the topic, I get an error message. One of the codes tell me to give this:


    to an engineer. Someone please help.

    I believe that, not being able to set my lead prices is severely affecting my lead and view count.