Meet Thumbtack’s Premier Support Team.

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Thumbtack’s Premier Support Team is a group of highly skilled individuals with a passion for assisting pro's in order to help them find the most success while using Thumbtack. While responding to calls and emails is the clear front runner on daily tasks for the team, many agents are involved in additional projects that focus on creating better experiences for our pros, and are the go to group when providing the best experience and education for our users.

Uriah leads the team and says, “I love working for Thumbtack because we get to partner with such an incredible and diverse community of service professionals to build and grow their businesses. It is great to work with so many others who share the same passion for providing a world-class experience.” Uriah loves baking, escaping to the mountains, and astrophotography. Over the last 5 years, she has been involved with a variety of initiatives here at Thumbtack and is excited to lead our Premier Support team.

Kelsey has been at Thumbtack for 2 years and loves to spend time outside and bake new things. She says, “I like working at Thumbtack because we get to work with people to grow their businesses and help them live their dreams.”

Cassandra says, “​​Thumbtack provides a great service to help people with an entrepreneurial spirit. I like being part of that. But what I really love is that Thumbtack actually cares about employees.”

Janae shares, “​​I like working at Thumbtack because each day I have the opportunity to make a difference in busy professionals' lives.” And, when she’s not doing that she enjoys meditating to rain sounds and binge-watching her favorite tv shows.

The Thumbtack community is amazing - I love being a part of a team with so many kind, fun, and supportive individuals,” gushes Christina who loves hiking through the mountains and exploring new places outdoors.

“A huge thing I love about Thumbtack is the caring and understanding of everyone here. We always know we are supported and treated like real people, not just employees.” Brandy currently lives in Utah where she spends a lot of her free time hanging out with her 12-year-old pug named Nala. Living the “boring, but perfectly happy life with her!”

Brandon told us, “I believe in Thumbtack and our mission and all the people and pros that day in and out make it what it is.” We couldn’t agree more! Brandon is a Utah-born resident and loves Utah for its culture and tech roots.

Bobbi has been with Thumbtack for 2 years, has 2 boys and says, “I love working at Thumbtack because of the people I get to work with. Everyone is actively striving for the best, and it’s always a positive environment.” 

And last but not least Amanda says, “I love the day-to-day challenges that make my job exciting and worthwhile. I have never had a job that I feel constantly gives me the chance to better myself and to grow.” She describes herself as a goofy, spooky gal that loves plants, antique stores, and her snake babies. She’s been with Thumbtack for a year now.

“I enjoy working at Thumbtack because I believe the work we are doing helps business owners grow their companies,” shares Monica who likes being part of the Premier team and enjoys spending time with her family and her garden.

Comment below to introduce yourselves and get to know the team - and let us know what burning questions you have!