Calendar Issues

First I’m glad to see others posting about the downfalls of thumbtack like refunds, lead price increases, etc. Last few times I tried bringing up thumbtacks fails my post would get deleted..

Now to my issue which I have brought up to thumbtack multiple times and posted once before on here and got deleted. Why can’t they have a working calendar? It only gives you the option to block out an entire day, or to manually input your availability for every single day, over and over again. Not even a simple repeat feature. As a personal trainer my hours fluctuate daily. I don’t have time to manually input my schedule everyday. Plus a lot of times are spoken for by repeat clients. So just because I list my hours as 5am-8pm it doesn’t mean I can service those hours for new leads. But because I have to input/block off those times manually everyday new leads don’t know that. So instead it leads to getting charged for leads you can’t service. This forces me to hide my business almost every month to not get charged for leads I can’t accommodate.

Anyone else running into this issue or is it just me?!

Thumbtack please fix your calendar or let us sync our google calendars so new leads can see our up to date availability before contacting us.


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 428

    @Msanchez This is a big piece of feedback and we are continuously working on integrations to make your experience with Thumbtack better. I sent you a DM with more info about Google Calendar specifically! Thanks!

  • kdiddy01
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    so was this problem solved? was there a google sync that happened that wasnt updated or told to all of us through email or any other way?