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One of the perks of Thumbtack Pro Rewards is the chance to attend a workshop led by marketing experts. During this Pro Rewards period pros with Gold and Platinum status have been learning about marketing strategies with Boot Camp Digital.

During Friday's workshop, here's what a few pros had to say:

This is helpful content! Thumbtack thanks for bringing this to us. 🤗

Thank you very much! That was so helpful!

This is so helpful; and so inspiring! Thank you!

Best darn webinar to date!

Amazing webinar!

This was amazing.

I loved this.

Thank you so much…learned a lot!!!

Thank you! I want to take this every week!

Check your rewards status to see if you are eligible and register for this period’s remaining workshop (takes place this Friday). And, comment below to tell us what things you would like to learn to help you expand your marketing expertise.