Hello hello!

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Hey everyone!

I don't know about you but I'm excited to be one of the first ones here - exploring and helping build the new community that Thumbtack put together for us!

A little about me -

My name is Patryk Gawlak, I'm the owner of Peak Cleaning Service in Scottsdale, Arizona. We specialize in residential cleaning and vacation rental management. We've found a lot of success with the Thumbtack platform in the last few years so I wanted to personally get involved as a Community Leader here to help give back and share with others what's worked for us.

The Thumbtack team shared this awesome video showcasing what this Community means (I might be a little biased in my opinion though... 😉 )

I'm curious what you guys think - are you confident networking with other Pros over an online platform? If not, what questions or concerns do you have?

I think with all the craziness we've seen in the last year, the push to online communication and online work has been a big blessing. I've always been a huge fan of leveraging online tools for day-to-day work and my business is pretty tech/software-heavy now. I know video won't ever replace face-to-face meetings, but with how "normal" Zoom and FaceTime is now, I use these more than ever to connect with friends, family, and colleagues - locally and around the world. What about you guys?

Anyways, I'm excited to be here! Any Arizona or cleaning industry Pros here? Need some tips or advice on how to incorporate technology into your business? Want to chat about using Thumbtack as a service professional? I'm always happy to help and look forward to connecting with many of you.


  • PomeranzLaw
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    Hi Patryk, great post! My hope for this platform is that pros offer value and this medium does not become riddled with people attempting to sell their services/products. To kick things off, what is one piece of technology that you have implemented to your business that could apply to other industries?


    Jeffrey Pomeranz

    Pomeranz Law PLLC


  • perrysto
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    Hey Patryck,

    Thanks so much for posing your question!

    I am really excited about the opportunities this community presents. It allows Pros to connect all over the country, share resources, support one another, etc all in a format that can be done at our convenience. As busy professionals, I think this is the most important feature as I am sure many people have wanted to participate in other activities, but had scheduling/travel conflicts.

    Above all else, right now, it allows us to interact with each other in a way that safe.
  • Danielle_Penn
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    @patrykkg Great Post! I am really excited we can all be here to lift each other up.
  • patrykkg
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    @PomeranzLaw I agree and I definitely see that as the intent here - to connect with others and learn from others, not just cross-selling - unless there's a chance to help out one another locally.

    Regarding your question on technology that's applicable across every industry - I'd say basic task automation with a tool like Zapier, IFTT, Apple Shortcuts, etc. If there's something you're doing REPEATEDLY that follows a very set format (calendar reminders, text reminders, syncing leads/contacts across platforms, cross-posting social media content), there's a very good chance you can automate that process and have it run hands-off in the background. This ensures you (or your team) aren't tied down doing super basic tasks - in turn, saving time and money!