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Hi! I'm just starting out, and I've had Zero luck ...

No one has replied my opportunities messages, nor I have received any direct leads ....

I only have 1 review, but I'm starting out, where can I get reviews that are REAL.

If that is the "Only" important metric, does that mean that I need to get friends and family to start "Rating" me ?? I'm sure that is Against the TOS

But How does Thumbtack Expect me to get reviews, If I don't get leads and Jobs

Thank you for your Opinions!


  • I have not gotten any leads in awhile.... since spring. Am I still on Thumbtack? Can someone explain how prepaying for leads works? Can I talk with coach about it? I feel like I have been forgotten


    Holly Zendels

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    Hi @TheDirtyRoof and thanks for posting! Ok, so this is sort of conundrum - I remember being in this exact same boat when I was starting out (I owned a wedding cake business for 12 years before joining the Thumbtack team). Are there any people that you have done work for previously? If not, are there friends or family that you could offer to do work for now and then get them to review you? When I was getting started I shared my review link on my social media channels and got past clients or friends and family that I had made cakes for to leave me reviews and that gave me a great start!

    @Holly_Zendels so sorry that you feel forgotten! Never want any pros to feel this way! You are still on Thumbtack :) I took a look at your profile and saw a few things you could look at - you could add a few more photos as on average about 10 photos is a good number, you could work on getting some new reviews because new reviews can help bump you up in search results (you're not showing in the top ten results right now - and showing up at the top always helps!), make sure you are responding quickly when you do get leads (within 1 hour is best), make sure that tour travel and other preferences are set to get all the jobs you want to get, make sure that you have your hours and availability set to get as many leads as possible, and make sure that you have a good budget set (I am not 100% sure on the prepaying part, but you could reach out to [email protected] about that!).

    Overall your profile looks really good and hopefully some of these items will help you see more leads! You can also try reaching out to some of the Opportunities in your Opportunities tab! Let's keep this conversation open and let me know how things go after you try these things!

    Thank you!

  • I just recently received a few more students. I had issues during the pandemic and only had two.I'm

    Ten students may be a lot but I'm up to 7....... We have a lot of teachers in my area so its VERY competitive. If I get some more referrals I will gladly respond to them.

    Thank you for your time