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My name is Evangeline Torry the owner of Trinity Notary Services. I am a Mobile Notary for the Commonwealth of Va. and I am also a Certified Loan Signing Agent. I would love to handle your notarial needs. Visit us at:


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    Hi @TrinityNotary77 so nice to meet you! I am tagging in some other notary professionals from the Community if you want to bounce ideas off of each other! @MontereyNotary @SierraCne @Jeanine @4EverNotary @OklahomaNotary @NotaryWhitney @renee_dnwy @Max_Saber

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    Hello Everyone! Dusti0 thank you so much for tagging other notary professionals.

    So again, Hello Everyone! I am new to this section of thumbtack. Where is everyone located? I am in Va. and I'm a Commissioned Notary Public and a Certified Loan Signing Agent. I am also RON and eNotary Certified, and Snapdocs Certified. I think that's enough for now (smiles). How has business been for each of you? I know if Va. closings have slowed down tremendously, but the General Notary Work has really picked up in this area. What about you?