Thumbtack has helped me grow as a small painting business and I just want to reach out to any pros who are looking to brainstorm and help the community grow further and Brighter. Every other Thursday @DustiO host an amazing meeting communitea ranging from 30minutes -1 hour where we just brainstorm uplift and give back great tips and ideas to help almost every category of business even if you just want to talk it’s great. Personally I have attended 4 meetings and it’s amazing I highly recommend it the networking is perfect especially speaking to other pros working on the same platform as you.


  • KTV_2022
    KTV_2022 Posts: 9

    how can i attend this meeting? thanks


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 715

    @Yourestweclean Tagging you here so you can connect with @ShaquealThomas if you have questions about starting a painting business!

  • @KTV_2022you can attend if you click on events and rsvp to communitea.

  • @Yourestweclean yes I am open to helping you out with using thumbtack as a painting pro or if you need additional information on starting a painting business depending on the area I will do my best send me over a message if interested .

  • DustiO
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    I tried something new this time and added everyone who has attended and/or RSVPed to a Google Calendar invite - let me know if it worked for you @ShaquealThomas! Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!

  • Yes I did and yes it worked!!!