Leads strop Coming in

We used to get so many leads from Thumbtack that I'd have to turn off my visibility from time to time. Now these past couple months I've literally gotten 0 profile views! Support hasn’t been helpful at all. Its pretty nerve racking because Thumbtack has been essential to my business. I have perfect reviews and a response time under 5 minutes. My profile used to show up at the top of the page but now it's no where to be found. Anyone else having this problem?


  • Some please help. When I call Thumbtack for help all I get is they are training

  • @OakTreesales I know the problem and how to solve it, though the solution might not be available to you yet. See the thread Sudden 95% decline in profile views

    Basically, you need to set your "Max lead prices" to the highest allowable level. Currently you aren't eligible to receive leads because they're too expensive--your default maximum price is too low. If you check the "Services" tab, "Max lead prices" is below "Edit weekly targeting budget" and above "Look yourself up." That's where it is if your account has the option, but I have reason to believe some accounts don't have it yet. If you don't have it, all you can do is wait until you get it. It should happen eventually.

    Be warned that leads will be very expensive once you start getting them again. In my industry, Thumbtack is getting about a 40% cut of our revenue. It's probably better in some industries, but in others it might be completely untenable.

  • Do you have Targeting turned on? I ran into this once and it was because a rep had accidentally turned my Targeting to off which means that you will not show up when potential customers are doing a search. Good luck!