November contest: Tips for success

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We recently had our fall Thumbtack Pro Rewards Success Workshop - where we learned some tips for success. We had presentations from Thumbtack team members, as well as advice from Top Pro and Community member @ShaquealThomas. He shared tips and tricks like:

  • Make sure your preferences are set to work for you
  • Respond to customers effectively and let them know who you are and why they should hire you
  • Get good reviews quickly — and deliver the quality of service that earns that 5-star review
  • Keep moving forward, even when things are tough

In this spirit of sharing advice — we would love to hear your tips and tricks for success on Thumbtack. From how to build a compelling profile, how to get those reviews, to how you track and follow up with leads — and everything in between.

Drop your success tips below for a chance to win a Thumbtack branded Yeti mug, to keep your hot drinks hot as the winter months approach!


  • A success tip that continues to show results for me is to accept all jobs no matter the project size. The small projects are a perfect opportunity to gain 5 star ratings, which will help potential clients view your company with more assurance and confidence. From my personal experience, potential clients with "bigger" projects will do research into your company such as license checks, social media presence, and READING YOUR REVIEWS!!! Clients have shared with me "Your online reviews are great!" "We felt more confident hiring you after seeing your reviews" Ultimately, small projects although not as lucrative compared to bigger jobs, are actually opportunities for success in the future!

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    The most memorable lecture that I learned was from my college professor about the definition of business. When everyone screamed out making money, growing, selling a product or service, and etc, it all comes down to one thing. Business is to serve. Your goal as a business is to serve. That means it's not about you but the customer. Without them, you have nothing but an idea.

    Christopher Pinon


    All Around Music

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    @AllAroundMusic I would love to introduce you to @Mage and @PaulG — another couple of musicians in the Community! I know there are more, but these two are really great if you have any questions or want o bounce ideas off of one another!

  • Appreciate it @DustiO . We specialize in the online music lessons side of the market 😄. Nice to meet other musicians in the community 🎹🎵🎶.

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    @AllAroundMusic great to meet you! I also teach music online (100% online).

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    @QualityAccessInc_1 you are our November contest winner! Shoot me a DM (@DustiO) with your mailing address so I can send you your swag! And thanks to everyone for their participation!