Problem with pro tracking of my response times

Hi all,

For the last four weeks or so, my response times aren't getting tracked correctly. I'm at platinum and need 75% reply within an hour resonse to maintain it.

In the past that number has taken awhile to adjust and I kept assuming everything would catch up. But not so far and I figured I better talk to someone.

A week ago I texted Support and got a canned response of links that didn't answer my question. Now I can't find the phone number again on Thumbtack! So here I am.

Every time I check Thumbtack, my response number seems to be down a point, now it's at 70%! I usually range from 80 to 90%.

I'v had 5 contacts in this new period. Four got a reply well within an hour, one was just over an hour. In February, when the problem started, I was responding to most within an hour. I am a solo dog walker and pet sitter, so I don't have huge numbers of contacts.

I would like to connect with someone at Thumbtack who can check my metrics and help me get my response time % adjusted.




  • DustiO
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    Hi @MaryHannick thank you for posting! I would recommend submitting a bug report here - and you can find contact info here! Once you submit a bug report feel free to let me know and I can help follow up on it. I would also recommend before anything that you uninstall and reinstall the app, and clear cache and cookies on your device - sometimes this helps if maybe your request notifications are delayed.

  • Hi DustiO,

    Thank you for your quick reply! I just sent a bug report using the link you posted. I will also uninstall / reinstall the app and clear cache.

    I appreciate the help! Platinum status is important to me. It helps catch the eye of potential customers.

    I'll post here as I get updates about the bug.

    Thank you,


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 985

    Sounds great, thank you!