Lead replies not being read?


Recently I have had an influx of leads that I have responded to, but the customers have not even read my reply. I am a top pro with a 5 star rating, and I have found many music students on thumbtack, but lately it has gotten very expensive and my response rate has dropped significantly. I feel like there used to be a policy in place about refunds if the lead response is not read by the customer within a few days? Maybe I am remembering that wrong. Why would so many customers not even be reading the responses that I am paying to get in front of them?

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  • @wardlor yes there use to be a system where it was read no reply but they replaced it with features like the customers phone number I am a thumbtack pro like yourself I would highly suggest contacting your customer via phone call and text messages utilize the tools you have to not lose out on the lead and with music I would try all 3 phone call text message and email and finding out what’s there best form of communication and you may know this but intro and outro messages are key introducing your business and services provided in the beginning and than the outro message even if you don’t get a answer letting the customer know you are here if needed for future music projects. Wish the best

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    I can offer some insight to this as well, what I have heard from my clients that I do end up speaking on the phone, is they are having a hard time either installing or using the Thumbtack app, and cannot log back into the site to review the messages. If this was one client I would think its user error, but it has been about 5 clients that I have spoke with that never go back to the site because of the above reasons. I always text and message on the app (always message back through Thumbtack, since it helps your ranking on speedy reply). I have got a lot of jobs, simply because I scheduled a call.