Top Pro Celebration July 2021 - Pro-led workshops

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Tomorrow our July 2021 Top Pros will be able to join for our first-ever pro-led workshops. We've hired pros to teach hour long learning sessions in their area of expertise, and we can't wait to see how it goes.

Pros will be learning about home organization, mixology, nutrition, fitness, or yoga. (One session will even be led by a Community Leader - @perrysto - he'll be showing pros how to whip up some fun summer cocktails).

Comment here if you're planning to join. What are you most excited about? Learning something new? Seeing and chatting with other Top Pros? Networking? And what class did you sign up to attend?

If you aren't able to join, or you're not a Top Pro this time - is this something you'd like to see us do in the Community? Would you join similar workshops, and what topics would interest you?

Let us know in the comments!


  • Can't wait! It will be a great way to network and meet other pros!

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    @perrysto I know you wanted to connect with Obi - @jelnic2018 and Edgar so I thought I would connect you here! Edgar hasn't joined the Community yet, but I just re-sent his invite and when he does join I will tag him here. Cheers to lots more cocktails (and networking)!

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    @Mage, @jelnic2018, @perrysto, @JeffChaffee, @strongpuresimple, @Emida it was so great to see your faces. What did you think about yesterday's workshop?

  • So sorry I wasn't able to make it. Client call ran waaaaayyyy over. This stinks because I LOVE bourbon!

  • Great to see you all. I really feel sorry I couldn't get to the end but I have enough info to start. I could get the recorded session.

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    I was super stoked to do the yoga session with Amelia! 🤩 Thank you for hosting this event–my body totally needed it, especially with all the online teaching and performing I have been doing! 😆