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What are you thankful for? What inspires you? Or what ways do you choose to give back to your communities? Share your thoughts below for a chance to win some Thumbtack swag!

I am truly thankful for our community of Thumbtack pros. Your stories inspire me every single day. You are my why and the reason I love this job. I feel so lucky to have a job where I feel inspired to do my work and where I feel it has purpose. Having been a Thumbtack pro myself for many years, I understand the hustle and determination it takes to run a business - and the impact that the work we do here can have on the lives of our pros - you all are incredible human beings, thank you.

(Pictured above - dozens of amazing Thumbtack pros!) PS If you have a moment, please take this poll and let us know how we can help you give back to your communities!


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    Tagging in our Community Leaders to get the ball rolling on this "thankful" thread!

    @perrysto @BITBLeah @Danielle_Penn @PomeranzLaw @Filip_Matic @CurlyBartender @Stat @patrykkg would love to hear your thoughts! And also, hopefully you know how thankful I am for YOU!

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    I give back by writing content on a daily basis and publishing the same for business owners.

  • Thumbtack has helped me to grow my business without breaking the budget. I have used other programs for leads and they don't compare to Thumbtack. The support here is great. Thank you Thumbtack!

  • ORDAINED WEDDING OFFICIANT: First, I am grateful that a 15 year prayer to be able to marry couples was answered November 3rd, 2017! That was my first ceremony and this service has given me more than I have given it.

    I, often, shed tears of happiness, awe and humbleness when I think of being able to do something I love. It's true that it doesn't feel like a job because it's not. I GET to serve my community and take part in one of the most joyous and monumental days of their lives! And sometimes I do this 8x in a week. I think that only other Officiants can grasp how this much positivity in your life changes and sustains you for the better.

    Therein enters Thumbtack. I am thankful that I found Thumbtack on a random search and everything in my life lined up for me to be able to try the lead process. As a Licensed Insurance Broker, I already knew that you take a chance on lead systems and the odds are normally against you. Thumbtack was more affordable for a solopreneur and in 5 months had tripled my clients! It surpassed Google as my #1 lead source. What I least expected is all this behind-the-scenes support (which I haven't tapped into but fully intend to). Thumbtack has proved to be a valuable resource for me.

    I know that it is nothing that I did to deserve such a blessing in my life. Some may say it's because I simply asked the Lord for it. And if that is the case, I will continue to be the best example of THANKFUL possible :-)

    Lakela Dos Santos, Ordained Wedding Officiant, HBTC-Wed