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What are you thankful for? What inspires you? Or what ways do you choose to give back to your communities? Share your thoughts below for a chance to win some Thumbtack swag!

I am truly thankful for our community of Thumbtack pros. Your stories inspire me every single day. You are my why and the reason I love this job. I feel so lucky to have a job where I feel inspired to do my work and where I feel it has purpose. Having been a Thumbtack pro myself for many years, I understand the hustle and determination it takes to run a business - and the impact that the work we do here can have on the lives of our pros - you all are incredible human beings, thank you.

(Pictured above - dozens of amazing Thumbtack pros!) PS If you have a moment, please take this poll and let us know how we can help you give back to your communities!


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    Tagging in our Community Leaders to get the ball rolling on this "thankful" thread!

    @perrysto @BITBLeah @Danielle_Penn @PomeranzLaw @Filip_Matic @CurlyBartender @Stat @patrykkg would love to hear your thoughts! And also, hopefully you know how thankful I am for YOU!

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    I give back by writing content on a daily basis and publishing the same for business owners.

  • Thumbtack has helped me to grow my business without breaking the budget. I have used other programs for leads and they don't compare to Thumbtack. The support here is great. Thank you Thumbtack!

  • ORDAINED WEDDING OFFICIANT: First, I am grateful that a 15 year prayer to be able to marry couples was answered November 3rd, 2017! That was my first ceremony and this service has given me more than I have given it.

    I, often, shed tears of happiness, awe and humbleness when I think of being able to do something I love. It's true that it doesn't feel like a job because it's not. I GET to serve my community and take part in one of the most joyous and monumental days of their lives! And sometimes I do this 8x in a week. I think that only other Officiants can grasp how this much positivity in your life changes and sustains you for the better.

    Therein enters Thumbtack. I am thankful that I found Thumbtack on a random search and everything in my life lined up for me to be able to try the lead process. As a Licensed Insurance Broker, I already knew that you take a chance on lead systems and the odds are normally against you. Thumbtack was more affordable for a solopreneur and in 5 months had tripled my clients! It surpassed Google as my #1 lead source. What I least expected is all this behind-the-scenes support (which I haven't tapped into but fully intend to). Thumbtack has proved to be a valuable resource for me.

    I know that it is nothing that I did to deserve such a blessing in my life. Some may say it's because I simply asked the Lord for it. And if that is the case, I will continue to be the best example of THANKFUL possible :-)

    Lakela Dos Santos, Ordained Wedding Officiant, HBTC-Wed

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    I am extremely passionate about focusing on my community at large at all times, not just during the holidays. I partner with several non-profits that serve individuals with a direct and immediate need for the most basic of items like clothing, furniture and household goods. I'm so fortunate to have clients that donate so much of what they no longer want or need (I'm a professional organizer) knowing it won't end up in a landfill or a cargo container headed to a 3rd world country that will ultimately destroy any local economy. I know that seems counterintuitive but the reality is those items get sold for pennies on the pound and a small textile manufacturer in Africa can't compete with those prices. In addition, I am a huge advocate for anyone with any physical, emotional or mental limitations that desperately need my services but can't afford them. We barely deal with individuals "internal clutter" in this country (our mental health care system is so broken) but the "external clutter" that I see every day doesn't just happen in a vacuum...there is always a reason behind it...and we need to stop disparaging people because they can't control the chaos swirling around them. I always say that I have an accountant to do my taxes because they are the professionals in that realm and will always know way more than I will about what is best for my financial well being so why is it any different when it comes to hiring someone with my expertise? So my big goal for 2022 is to create even more community partnerships that will sponsor many clients in the hopes that overcoming the external clutter will make them feel better about themselves and their lives and that of course in turn will make them more productive members of society and feel like they can contribute themselves to the greater good. The photo I've attached is from a recent day of volunteering for one of the non-profits I am involved with when we had to declutter and organize a huge storage unit filled with donations to get it set up again for members of the community to come in and "shop" for free. There is no better feeling than seeing someone's eyes light up over getting a bunch of clothes or a set of dishes knowing that they aren't being judged in any way. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share what I love doing without expecting anything but gratitude in return :)

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    @busyb This story makes my heart happy. Thank you for sharing. Did you see this event that we have going on tomorrow (centered around giving back)? Hope to see you there!

  • i give back by offering discounts to our veterans as well as teachers. I feel like both are under appreciated and underpaid so it’s the least i can do.

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    Thank you all for contributing to this contest with your amazing stories! @busyb is our winner! Please DM me your mailing address so I can send your swag!