Welcome to the Community - contest!

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Hi everyone, and welcome to our new Community! We're so excited you're here and we can't wait to see all the contributions and connections you make.

To kick things off, we're going to start off with a contest. The first 10 people to contribute to the Community (reply to a discussion, or start one of their own) will win some fun Thumbtack swag!

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    My name is Zurriane. The name of my business is Positive Self Defense (PSD) we are located in the Washington, D.C. metro area. First, I hope that each and every one of you are healthy and safe. I would like to know a little about you and your business? I would also like to know how all of you are fairing out there during these times. I would really like to learn more about you all. As for me with Thumbtack, we have done okay. We are always looking to do better and will do so in 2021. Here is a link to give a little more info: www.positiveselfdefense.org

    Please share

    Today is Now!

  • Hello Community,

    my name is Taneka and I have a Mobile Notary loan signing business called Ladies and the stamp LLC

  • Hey there!

    I'm both a wedding officiant and a Reiki Master Teacher. I use Thumbtack for both businesses, but it was especially instrumental in helping me kick off my wedding officiant practice. I got 97% of my first year's clients from Thumbtack, which helped me build reviews, pictures, and gain experience.

    My name is Alice Langholt. Nice to meet you, thanks for inviting me.

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    Hi everyone - this contest has been closed. Thanks to those who have been posting around the Community. The following were the first 10 pros to contribute to the Community. We'll reach out to you soon to get your mailing info to send you some swag!

    @Filip_Matic @Mattyjp10 @jmm31906 @Theblackfirm @Aden @lettiedawson @Msanchez @PSD @ladiesandthestamp @Allan

  • Awesome!!

  • Happy to be able to give input on ways to make thumbtack better.

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    Hello to everyone! So glad to be a part of this community, and for the opportunity to learn as well as contribute!

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    Hello all. So excited to be here and have the opportunity to connect with other Pros in a new way.

    Thank you so much @Meckell and @DustiO for all your hard work and support!