I've just joined the community here. My name is Kathy and I'll be launching 1 of a Kind Vacations soon. A full service travel agency with a strong focus on adventure of all kinds.

I believe adventure is anything that takes you out of your comfort zone. It doesn't have to include risking life and limb. I work with one of the biggest and most reputable adventure tourism companies, G Adventures, with National Geographic Journey's on offer as well.

I'm a complete rookie when it comes to the business end of things, so I'm hoping to learn while I'm here.

One of my biggest problems is finding the time to nurture relationships. I don't know how people stay up with all the social media, and networking.

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!


  • DustiO
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    @Kathy Thank you so much for posting! I'm excited to see how things unfold for you. Let's tag in some of our community members and see if they have any advice for you - @perrysto @patrykkg @Danielle_Penn @PomeranzLaw @Stat @CurlyBartender @BITBLeah @Mage @busyb @argarza

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    @Kathy congratulations on the new venture! As a general statement, everyone will have a different suggestion for you. It's the nature of the question you asked. I would find something you enjoy and focus on that exclusively for the immediate future. You can always do more, but concentrating your efforts will reduce the burden and help you gain faster results.

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    @Kathy ...congrats on taking the bold step to join Thumbtack! I will tell you that it has been a game changer for me and my home organizing/move management business.

    Regarding keeping up with EVERYTHING? It's impossible without some degree of help. I have a virtual assistant that takes care of a lot of back-end stuff including social media and it is worth every penny. I could never have grown as much as I have without that help.

    As far as networking is concerned, you will have to figure out how valuable it will be to do in person vs. virtually. I happen to enjoy both but definitely prefer in person. I am extremely tapped into my community and as a result people know, like and trust me. I work my relationships and make sure to "show up" to continue to build on my recognition and credibility. I belong to a very active Chamber and a few other groups, but I also spend a lot of time in various online groups. And I volunteer A LOT!!!

    Hope this all helps but if you want to connect for a Zoom call to chat more let me know. I am always happy to help fellow entrepreneurs :)

  • Kathy
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    Wow! Thank you for all the advice. I belong to several social media platforms, Facebook being the primary. I have a group that I write stories for, about unusual places in the world. That alone takes up much of my time. I have a disability that only allows me to work 5 hours a day. I have an organization backing me, and when my business plan is done, I'll get funding to keep me afloat for a few months, but when that's gone, I only have my credit card to use for funding.

    Travel is my passion and I want to transform peoples lives through travel. I will definitely come back here as often as I can.

  • Mage
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    Hi @Kathy! Great to meet you. I think starting with the social media platform that you are most familiar with (sounds like it's Facebook) and then moving on to Instagram and possibly TikTok and, better yet, YouTube, is a start. Like @busyb, I too am a member of my Chamber of Commerce, though I conduct all of my business online. For me, social media is super important as that is how I build trust. Oh and...reviews...any awards, certificates, education...that seems to help too. And this may sound cliché, but I think being authentic really helps to attract the clients you want. The videos and photos do not have to be perfect. I have my clients sign a social media waiver; they know that they might be online for the public to see during our performances (I have a music education business, though I am a songwriter/performer at heart...hope to nourish that end of the business soon). Perhaps you can make some cool photos/videos of your clients go on an adventure? Oh yes, and I am members of various music teachers associations and do a lot of volunteering for them. Is there like a group/network for travel agents?