January contest: Looking ahead.

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To enter January's contest drop a comment below and tell us:

  1. One goal/intention you have for the new year
  2. One tip for success in the new year
  3. One thing you'd like to see in this Community this year

We'll pick a winner at random to receive some exclusive Thumbtack swag. And cheers to a successful year ahead!


  • The goal we have for this year is to make $500,000 in sales. We cleared $300,00 in 2022 and $150,00 in 2021.

    Tip for success in the new year is to never give up. No matter what ups or downs we have. We just need to remember that the bad day doesn't define you.

    I really don't have much experience in this community as of now. I am just starting out using Thumbtack. The best answer I can give is to see more of me in this community this year. With us all being in the trades, we can all learn and grow from each other.

  • As a web designer, my main goal for this year is to network and collabarate that will eventually help me find my dream clients.

    This year's tip for success is to stay up to date with industry trends and best practices. It's important to stay up to date with these trends and best practices to ensure that you are providing the best possible service to your clients and delivering high-quality work. This could involve reading industry blogs, attending conferences or workshops, and networking.

    Being a part of many communities including Adobe Ambassador Program, I have learned that having a strong support system and connections with fellow service providers can be a valuable resource for learning, sharing ideas, and seeking advice and guidance.

  • My one goal this year is to buy my first truck for my business so I can be more effective.

    One tip for success is to focus on the one client , that one next client it’s All it should be in your mind at that time , listen to them and provide solutions.

    I’d like to see more phone support from thumbtack, I’m old school and like to talk to people but I’ll settle for a dedicated representative that can be in touch with my day to day issues.

  • Hello everyone and happy New Year!

    One goal that we would like to accomplish this year would be to hire an additional employee, we're not totally decided on whether that should be an office support staff member or a field technician. Whatever one we choose will be a big undertaking because this where a business needs to come up with a structure to be able to replicate the service that we provide our customers as owners.

    The one tip for success I would give to anybody would be based on a quote I heard "if your business isn't growing then the business is dying" I've talked about this on here before but even if you're in a stagnant spot the only place you can go is down. We don't like to hear it but everybody is at risk of losing clients and work so if you're not consistently finding new clients, better pricing, or figuring out how do you do things in a manner that gives you more time then you're just going to start to lose more and more. So keep your foot on the gas and keep grinding!

    Personally I would like to participate in more live video sessions this year with the community and I would like to see more participation in the video sessions throughout the community. It would be nice to see the community having to do multiple meetings on the same topic just to fit everybody in and get everybody's questions answered. It doesn't matter if you're a veteran or brand new to thumbtack the community is a great place to learn and get in touch with like-minded individuals.

  • Hi I’m Sam Glam, makeup artist, & hairstylist. As well as a beauty branding coach and content creator.

    1. My biggest goal for the year is to reach 6 figures
    2. My tip for success is to never stop networking and building relationships that can last a lifetime
    3. One thing I’d like to see in the community is more team building. More support. Collaborations.

    let’s Glo get it 2023!

  • Our goal is to continue the quality of family entertainment we are known for and expand our market

    Success begins with customer service! Our type of business is providing a great experience to our patrons. This leads to more business and repeat clients.

    I would love to see more personalized support!!

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    Our goal this year is to improve our marketing and hire new employees.

    One tip for success is to keep the big vision in site.

    I would love to see more support.

  • My goal is to publish my BOOK. Title. "The Tale of Magic Pixie Dust". By John P.Hoepfner

  • Happy Mohave found your site. John

  • Hope I can get your positive note

    1. Our goal is to clear 100k net profit this year
    2. Find the joy in the little things, don't let the process beat you. There is something good in every moment
    3. More outreach and networking opportunities through niche industries

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    I really love all of these responses!