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as many other users I received a fake lead. Paid $45.00 plus. Customer never responded, I tried calling them and the number is disconnected. I requested a refund and it got declined. I have tried contacting via text the customer service number (415) 299-6398 during business hours and no response either. Good job thumbtack!


  • DustiO
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    @RAB thanks for posting, and sorry for the less than perfect experience reaching support. You could try following up on those denied refunds — some pros in the Community have had success. Follow up via [email protected] and include any documentation that you can, like: screenshots of conversations, etc. Also, check your contact us page to be sure you have the most up to date support info. There are a lot of trainings going on right now, in conjunction with people being out for the holidays and/or post holiday sickness I know it has been harder to get through. I am always here to help where I can and am happy to tag in pros who can help with questions/advice as well! Hope this helps!

    @JT123 the Community doesn't "ignore" these issues — we answer them the best we can. Unfortunately we are unable to help with refund issues, though!