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We’ve talked a lot about the Thumbtack Pro Rewards* program and how it works, but let’s get down to the fun part - the rewards. 

When you reach Silver status in Thumbtack Pro Rewards you have access to things like expedited chat and email support
, Thumbtack swag, and exclusive success workshops - but what does that mean for you?

Paru attended our summer success workshop and said, “It was nice not just to be looking for a solution, but to be having a discussion about why we are experiencing a certain issue. And, all these years we’ve grown up with TT - it was great to see the people behind the scenes.”

Once you reach Gold status you’ve got access to all those Silver rewards plus priority phone support, a spot on our pro partnership committee, and marketing support. How can this help you grow your business?

Kammy attended our last marketing workshop and shared, “The marketing workshop was amazing. Thumbtack hired such an experienced marketing person as a presenter. One of the best takeaways was the difference between Goals, Strategy, Objectives, and Tactics—and how most businesses tend to start with tactics, but you really need a strategy. I really appreciated this opportunity to learn some truly useful information about marketing, and was also so impressed that this workshop was free!” 

Pros with Platinum status enjoy Silver and Gold rewards, along with a Top Pro badge and access to concierge support.

Suzanne explains what the Top Pro badge means for her, “When somebody sees a Top Pro badge it means you are a great provider. It means you are good at what you are doing. It makes my clients more comfortable with me knowing that I know what I am doing, I am qualified, and I am being recognized for that.”

We asked Community member @Jay_Tharian what advice he would give to pros aspiring to reach Platinum status.

“My advice to business owners - professionalism, promptness, and communication. Respond as fast as you can to customers (I always aim for 30 minutes or less). Stay on top of photos and reviews. Know your profile areas and make sure you are setting your job preferences. Have a plan - plans with achievable goals help you build your business long term.” 

We would love to hear from our Community - what rewards are you most excited about, and what other rewards would be valuable to you and your businesses? 

*Check your Thumbtack Pro Rewards status here to see what rewards you’ve unlocked so far, and check out this article for more details about each reward.