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If you're tagged in this post, you've joined the Community in the last month - and we're so glad you're here. Drop a comment and introduce yourself - post a pic, a link to your Thumbtack profile, tell us about your business - or whatever you want to share.

Read some tips from your Community Leaders for the New Year (and add yours if you'd like).

Check out the Community Code of Conduct, learn how to navigate the Community, and watch this video to hear from other Thumbtack pros about what "community" means to them.

Here's to building this Community, together. Can't wait to "meet" you all!

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  • MauiJenny
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    Aloha from Maui! Organizing and cleaning business since 2017.

  • Greetings from Florida

  • MPPT
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    Hi there from Houston Texas! Local Dog Trainer and loven every minute of it

  • makeup_by_nattaya
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    Greetings from UTAH. I’ve been a freelance makeup artist for over 10 years but I’m a newbie on Thumbtack since last year.

  • TLF_Services2022
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    Hello Everyone. Our team work in Fitness Equipment Moving & Assembling, Residential/Commercial Moving, Furniture Assembly, Outdoor Furniture Assembly, TV Mounting, Artwork hanging, Junk Removal, Office Moving & Assembly. We cover Milwaukee, Southeast Wisconsin, Chicagoland, and Northwest Indiana

  • busyb
    busyb Posts: 9

    Thanks for the warm welcome. So happy to be part of the Thumbtack community. It has really helped to exponentially grow my home organizing and move management business in the past year. Looking forward to connecting and sharing our experiences in the year to come!

  • Ms_Rivera
    Ms_Rivera Posts: 1

    Greetings from Hudson Valley New York (Jersey side of Hudson). Been with Thumbtack since 2014. Steady stream of clients. I teach music privately. In-person and video. I'm on 2 other marketing sites. Thumbtack is my favorite. Happy New Year to all. Making this the best year of my next best 20 years. 😊

  • Lemargriffinfilms
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    Hello Everyone! My name is Lemar Griffin. I am a Hybrid professional who does photo + video. I have used Thumbtack for about 6 years and have made thousands using the platform. I've been hired over 100 times and also have over 70+ Five Star Reviews. I seriously can't explain how helpful thumbtack has been for my business, and my growth as a professional in the industry. I can honestly say without Thumbtack I wouldn't have been able to be my own business. I'm very thankful for this platform.

    With that being said I would like to let you all know I will creating a Thumbtack Master Class. Thumbtack does a great job of telling you how to get more clients and a lot of things, I want to add to that from the user experience side. There are not a lot of good videos on Youtube but there are a few that are helpful.

    Myself and my team will be creating a full master class that is affordable teaching people that want to use thumbtack to help grow there business all the things I've learned using it for the last 6 years!

    I'm super excited to be on Thumbtack and hope the class I make for people helps them make money and do what they love!

    My wife is also on Thumbtack and will be helping with the class as well. 😀 (my daughter wanted to play instead of take a picture)

    If you would like to be added to the class list send me an email [email protected] & I'll send you some information. I only will have 125 spots and then the class will be closed, this way I can help every student that joins! Looking forward to hearing from anyone that is interested.

  • DustiO
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    Since you are all new to the Community, I wanted to personally invite you to enter our latest Community contest. Go check it out, comment, and we will pick a winner at the end of the month. And again, welcome - it's been so nice to read your intros and I am really excited to have you all here!