Celebrate with us - show us your Thumbtack swag!

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Your commitment to your craft and your consistently excellent service make Thumbtack great, and we think you should be celebrated - with things like swag.

Here’s what some pros recently shared:

If you’ve been to a pro event, won a Community contest, or contributed as a pro presenter in the past, you may already have some Thumbtack swag. Now, as part of our new rewards program - Thumbtack Pro Rewards, we are offering swag to pros who are celebrating their 1-year anniversary on Thumbtack. 

We think one year is a pretty big deal and we want to help you show your Thumbtack pride. Pros who qualify for any level of Thumbtack Pro Rewards and who are celebrating their first year on Thumbtack during a qualifying period will be able to choose from a selection of premium gifts (If you are eligible, you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem).

If your 1-year anniversary at Thumbtack has already passed, we haven’t forgotten you. Watch for ways to win swag in the Community, speaking and feature opportunities, and more. And comment below with your thoughts on how we can meaningfully celebrate you. And, as a tenured pro if you would like to be featured in media or other opportunities, please reach out to @DustiO via DM. 

And, share photos of you and your Thumbtack swag below, we would love to see where you all are!


  • Thank you Thumbtack, this professional organizer from Yonkers, NY loves having your support!

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    @Regina_Ricci this is so great! Thank you for sharing!

  • That jacket looks awesome!

  • Yes, your jacket is nice...can’t wait til I get mine!

  • Cool jacket I would definitely wear it, wish they still had 3x available 😫

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    @Quinn_Bryant So sorry about that! We have ordered more inventory...but shipping/inventory everywhere is kinda crazy right now. Hopefully you found something else that you like! And, thanks for being here in the Community!!

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    It would be nice to show our top pro achievements in customer's homes with a hat ! Maybe a thumbtack top pro sticker to put on my Van?

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    @Plumbernick417 Love these ideas!

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    Would love to get everyone's thoughts on rewards - please go answer this poll!

  • I’ve been a Thumbtack Pro for a year and the level of customers we receive from this platform far surpasses the other platforms my company also associates with. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to be given the opportunity to choose TT swag in celebration of the year membership. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and it makes me feel TT appreciates my company. Thanks TT for pursuing us originally and I hope we have many more celebrations of the year marks. Now I must get back to the decision making of what item I want. I told my Office Mngr that I am not available until I can make this executive decision!

    Leroy Jones

    Leroy Jones Contractor, LLC

  • I just received my duffel bag! Which was super hard to get because everytime I tried to get it it was low in inventory but I checked everyday and to my surprise I could get it! Which I was really happy about because I wasn't gonna use any of the other items

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    I love Thumbtack

  • So other pros get this cool stuff and all I can get is a water bottle? I'll pass.

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    @A2ZTravelDesign You are able to choose from a selection of three different items (the above pros didn't have any different choices than we currently have). We have however had some shipping/inventory difficulties beyond our control due to the pandemic and widespread shipping issues. If the item you want isn't in stock please DM me and we can make sure you get it when back in stock. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

  • I’ve been a member for over a year and I haven’t received anything !

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    @Devin_Smith Sending you a DM right now!

  • Jacqueline_Condura
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    Where can I get one of those jackets? I've been on Thumbtack way over a year and haven't received anything!

  • I love Thumtacks

  • the people on Thumbtuck is very helpful and professionals

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    @Andrea_Gjeci so happy to hear this! @Jacqueline_Condura amazing that you have been with Thumbtack for that long, we're so glad you're here! You can read the details above, but this particular swag is part of Thumbtack Pro Rewards (which was just rolled out in September of 2021) and is for pros celebrating their 1-year anniversary during a qualifying period. We are working on some rewards like this for our more tenured pros as well, so stay tuned! In the meantime you can enter Community contests for a chance to win some cool swag (and not many enter typically so your chances are GREAT!). You'll see a link always at the top of the home page for the current contest, but this month's is right here.

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    Hmmm...I haven't ever received any swag. Did I miss something I needed to do to get it??? @DustiO I assume I've qualified many times over yes???

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    @busyb You are freaking amazing! Thumbtack Pro Rewards is less than one year old, so the 1-year anniversary swag wouldn't have gone out to our more tenured pros! BUT, we are currently working on some options for bigger anniversaries, so watch out for those!