A new Rewards period is coming.

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We can’t believe how quickly this Thumbtack Pro Rewards period is flying by - but we’ve sure enjoyed it! We’ve met you in Thumbtack success workshops and digital marketing courses, you’ve shared your Thumbtack swag, met the Premier Support Team, joined the Pro Partnership Committee, and so much more.

A new qualifying period is coming up soon — on June 1st. If you currently have Silver, Gold, or Platinum status in Pro Rewards, check that you are set to qualify again. If you’re not quite there, see where you stand and find out what you’ll need to do to qualify.

"I started on Thumbtack in 2016 and it’s allowed me to gain learning experience from day one while getting paid at the same time. I was hired to work with the NFL and Thumbtack helped get me that job. Without Thumbtack, I don't know if my path to my dream job would have been as clear. Reaching Platinum status shows potential clients that I am very serious about my business and my work. Thumbtack has given me the ability to do what I truly love every day — and that is all I could ask for." — Lemar Griffin (@Lemargriffinfilms), owner of lemargriffinfilms and Platinum Thumbtack pro

If you have any questions about how Thumbtack Pro Rewards works or how to qualify, drop them below. If you have tips for pros striving to qualify, share those below too!

Let’s do this!