Summer rewards period is here!

DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,067

We can’t believe how quickly this last Thumbtack Pro Rewards period flew by - but we sure enjoyed it! We met you in Thumbtack success workshops and digital marketing courses, you shared your Thumbtack swag, met the Premier Support Team, joined the Pro Partnership Committee, and so much more.

A new qualifying period just began — June 1st. If you qualified for Silver, Gold, or Platinum status, congratulations and thank you for your hard work!

You'll have access your rewards through the end of August. You’ll also have until that date to requalify or move up — check your status and progress here.

From all of us at Thumbtack, thank you for your hard work and commitment. If you have any questions about how Thumbtack Pro Rewards works or how to qualify, drop them below. If you have tips for pros striving to qualify, share those below too!

Let’s do this!