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  • DustiO
    [FOLLOW UP POLL] How would you prefer to learn more about marketing your business?
    As we look at ways to help support you growing your businesses on Thumbtack and beyond, we are wondering - How would you want to learn more about marketing your business? You gave us some great answers here in this poll, and we want…
    Poll DustiO 19 views 2 comments Most recent by patrykkg
  • DustiO
    What marketing support would benefit your business most?
    The Community team at Thumbtack is always thinking of ways to add value to your experiences here. What kinds of marketing support would you find most beneficial to your businesses? If your answer is "other", please comment…
    Poll DustiO 29 views 12 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • Meckell
    14 free tools every small business can use
    Starting and managing a business is expensive. Odds are you’re on a tight schedule and an even tighter budget. Luckily there are a lot of resources, websites and apps that can help you run your small business more efficiently. Here …
    Meckell 92 views 5 comments Most recent by patrykkg
  • Aden
    Overcoming difficult periods as a small business owner.
    Hi everyone, As a small business owner I've found this past year to be extremely challenging. What are some challenges you have faced, and more importantly, how have you overcome these challenges? Me first - I have a dog training b…
    Aden 54 views 5 comments Most recent by ycc
  • Meckell
    Now is the time to sign up for health insurance
    If you - or someone you know - needs health insurance, the time to act is now:  Visit today to enroll in coverage for 2021.  Coverage could be cheaper than you think. Most people signing up for coverage on HealthCare.…
    Meckell 30 views 1 comment Most recent by perrysto
  • Meckell
    Understanding your healthcare options
    Navigating options for purchasing insurance for yourself or your business can be complicated. Get started by understanding the different types of coverage for you, your family and your business here: Understanding your healthcare op…
    Meckell 1.4K views 0 comments Started by Meckell